The Hook Up

La Habana, Cuba – El Presidente Hotel

As I kick back by the pool, the sun is beating on my face similar to a desk lamp in a dark room, its therapy for this land locked kid. I glanced over and noticed a gentleman using his hands to create what appears to be art in some small natural form, not knowing that this tiny object would be my way out of the daily grind an addiction that drives my every thought, a pit for my money. With much wonder I had to ask, this wasn’t just a normal 9 to 5 activity that is done half hearted it is a way of life that had a learning journey attached to it that seems to be the heart beat of few.  Matt was his name and tying Crazy Charlies’ was this little art piece, Matt was from the UK, who was on his dream adventure that made me change my outlook on life and all that it had to offer.  He was preparing what seemed to be an army of flies, ready for battle, for an elusive fish I had to learn more about.  Matt was telling me of the thrill of the hook up that clears your reel in seconds and fights for whats seemed to be hours on end. Fly fishing was born in my eyes, heart & soul.