LOTFO Destination Wisconsin:

The Driftless region of Wisconsin is experiencing some its weirdest weather in the region’s recorded weather history. As of the last two weeks record warm temps have made this top secret national fly fishing destination experiencing early summer hatches in Mid-March! For those of you looking for something different in very beautiful settings, check out Wisconsin’s Driftless region. This region is known for its smaller sized wild, natural reproducing trout, but you have to give it a break, the streams are very small and simply a joy to fish dry fly on 2-3wt rods and having a place literally all to yourself, except for the occasional Amish buggy tootling by down the road as you’re making a cast. There are larger trout here and you have to pay your dues to connect, but they are here and what a fun place to fish! You can catch minnow sized trout on up to 22 inches in a single day, all on dry flies.
Brian Ramsey