If it suddenly ended tomorrow….

After a long, crisp , picturesque day on the water, you decompress stream side and your mind starts to wander back to the different scenarios that you play over and over in your head about what you should have done differently or the same. Now trout fishing up until this point was rocket science but then you meet someone or read something and a light switch seems like it was turned on. ” By George I think I’ve got it.” ( In a thick English accent) or not. At this point you either get it or don’t .. A lost fish that was trophy worthy or that perfectly needed drift that went terribly wrong. Like I fore mentioned you either get it or don’t. Life is strangely similar.

Approaching my 30’s I recollect my career, relationships, achievements and the different endeavorers I have completed. Then I ask myself, was it all worth it.

I say this. If you get to spend the time with people you love with whom make you better, have a roof over your head, get to enjoy a day on the water unconnected to the “Hustle”. Then I think you doing Okay. Throughout your 40’s -50’s -60’s-70’s-80’s -90’s if your doing this, then you are right on track. Still once in a while torn off the computer, put your phone on silent and go fish. Life on the fly