LOTFO Lodge Highlight-Cinco Rio Lodge -Southern Chile

This January I will be visiting Cinco Rios Lodge in Aysen Region of Chile. Cinco Rios Lodge is located near the quaint South American city of Coyhaique, Chile. which is about a 3hr flight south from Santiago. The main lodge is located on the banks of the Rio Simpson. Which is the home of Southern Chile’s most pristine trout water. From experienced guides who grew up in the valley to US born and Chilean trained guides this lodge will be sure to exceed your needs, for the novice and veteran anglers alike.

Each day you are transported to the river via 4×4 vehicles to experience a different stretch of water each day. Such as; Rio La Paloma, upper ,middle & lower Simpson; including rios Minhuales & Aysen; lagos and boca of the Azul, Desierto, Elizalde, Frio, Castor & Pollux. Guides generally will offer two-days of fishing by jet boat, two-days wadding, and two-days by drift boat.

If this sounds like a true adventure that you would like to be part of please don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember wether you book direct or with Life On The Fly our services don’t cost you a dime!!

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