Cliff Outdoors-Wyoming Based

Need more room? Super Days Worth
Need more room? Super Days Worth

American made products are the back bone of our nation. The people over at Cliff Outdoors agree and have put forth the effort to make unique and practical gear for the fly fisherman. Take a gander at the fly boxes this mans puts out and you will want to throw out your others in the garbage.  Cliff Outdoors makes a hardcore product for the hardcore fly guy such as myself. Not to many shops carry these boxes but many should. The days worth box is a must for your next trip to the stream. American made boxes for the all american angler, sturdy, well made  & practical is what they are all about. Check it out.  Life on the Fly.

One thought on “Cliff Outdoors-Wyoming Based

  1. these boxes kick ass. the magnetic side for small flies is ideal, and the super days worth holds a shitload of flies

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