The Nail Knot By: John Galligan

The Nail Knot
The Nail Knot

I had the pleasure of meeting a writer in this small world of fly fishing at the 2009 Great Waters Fly Fishing Show, in Schaumburg Illinois, last month . John is a native of Madison,Wisconsin and is an avid outdoorsmen and Fly Fisherman.

In the first of his three book series he combines his love of fly fishing with a murder mystery. He introduces Dog , a star struck, vodka -Tang drinking, self proclaimed fish bum who travels the country fishing  and ends up in the beautiful town of Black Earth Wisconsin. This is where he meets a strange group of people &  gets wrapped up in the politics of trout stream preservation along with a dead body that intrigues him with each passing minute. Dog and his so far trusty RV, he takes a load off and rests a bit in Black Earth while trying to fish &  look  for the killer.

This books takes you to your favorite lunge pool or bend in the run and makes you want to keep turning the pages.  If your a die hard spring creek guy like me you will enjoy this easy, well written book by a local artisan who has the passion we all have inside us.

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