I know I don’t get there often enough….

I had the question asked to me the other day what inspires me to write this blog or just wrap my self up in this sport in general. I answered a long in depth story, which goes like this.

This symphony of life has a few notes that play a song in every fly fisherman’s life, every now and then. Well a few weeks ago it happened to me. I had taken my niece and nephew for a walk near my house, located in Illinois about 1hour south of Chicago, in a little French river town, which is in the outskirts of a 630 acre plot of land that was donated to the village in 1922 with the stipulation that it should remain in its natural state. It has about 75 species of trees, including 9 kinds of oak, are native, as well as many shrubs, bushes, and almost innumerable wild flowers. A total of 57 species have been recorded of note include the Northern hogsucker, mottled sculpin, smallmouth bass, 10 species of darter, and the state-endangered slippershell mussel. The blacknose shiner, also on the Illinois list of rare or endangered species, was found here. It’s a great piece of water, I just can’t get over how much trash is washed and thrown in to the waterway. I’ve seen computers, chairs, tires, foam Etc. It’s a shame. But back to my story, so my niece is so inquisitive she nearly falls in the creek that we are walking next too. The trout fisherman in me gets the best of me so I jump in and start turning over rocks. Low and behold I see a BWO hatch happen right before my very eyes. I was like a kid in a candy store, I could not believe what my eyes where seeing. I live near a stretch of water that I would never believe in a million years what my eyes were seeing tiny mayflies hatching right in front of me. It was so shocking too see this here near my home not a trout within miles. This creek is mainly a runoff creek nobody fishes it but me and a few old Latino men. I was not in the driftless region of the Midwest where this is a huge hatch I was in my own home town. I was thankful I had gotten to see this. Showing my inquisitive family members and taking a couple snap shots. I was proud to have known what I was witnessing, if I was all wrapped up in my own life, not worried about the life around me. I would have missed it. <snap>  Gone just like that. It’s nice to not think about yourself once in a while and see this dance firsthand. It’s not that easy to see but when your life in on the fly it pays off to stop, rest & breathe. Life on the Fly.


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