In a world full of pushin and shoven.

From the tiniest goose biot, to the power of a Tarpon, Gods finger prints are  everywhere in my favorite sport called fly fishing.  It started with a need for a hobby that turned in to this DNA that runs heavy in my body, I had to search out the fact that there is more then just catching fish.  There is nothing like standing in the middle of  literally nowhere, with this art show coming to life on the water. Seeing Gods hand in this multitude of ballets in the air & under the surface.  Creation happening right before my eyes, blending in with the surroundings, that if you weren’t still or all in-tuned with life around you, you would miss it. Just like that, gone, many might take it for granted or not even know it was there.  But I was a chosen one, a torch bearer, I wanted to fly fish and break the spirit of regularity in this sport.

Buying my first 5wt started at a shop we love to hate a huge store with mega price tags attached to the simplest of items.  I didn’t know any better, but to my surprise the information that was available to me on this pipeline ,we call home. The Internet is were I had to be to look deeper into this sport that had a history of hounds-tooth hats & wicker creels. Quickly uncovering a network of underground fly anglers, tyers, suppliers &  just the pure culture of this sport.  Bleeding onto my screen was this shock similar to traveling to exotic Kuala Lumpur with a tender tummy not knowing what was in my next meal. I had found info on gear I hadn’t even known was existed, shops locally owned by normal Joe’s , Andy’s or John’s. It was like I have been baptised into this sport, coming out of the water whole and new, not a clouded thought running in my mind, thinking its not my problem about my local water or who cares about this earth and God’s gift to us. It was about exactly that I wanted to make a change and help myself and fellow breathearn to enjoy this sport and spread the good word. So I did that to the best of my ability, concentrating on the conservation side working on making it more enjoyable to myself getting dialed in with nature. It started out as a small snow ball of concern and is working on being a glacier, I started to be more “Green” conscience, with my personal life while applying it to my angling passion. As it stands I still love this sport and love the Lord for giving me this gift.

Luke 11 2:5

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