Rivers In Motion-By: Dryfly Media

Hey  the crew at Dryfly Media sent me a copy of their latest project: Rivers in Motion. An artistry and visual documentary of famous western big rivers such as the Yellowstone & Madison. I chose to review the infamous Gallatin River in southwest Montana.  WOW!! Watch out AEG you have some vids to compete with. If you enjoy a moment to yourself while day dreaming of your next 2 week troutbum bender. These vids are for you. I enjoyed the natural sound, no techno-quasi music, that takes away from the pure majesty of these rivers. I love how DFM captured the true largeness of these rivers with many wide angle shots with gorgeous mountain ranges in the back ground, makes your feel like your at the bottom of the huge valley this pure river runs through. Thank you guys at DFM I really enjoyed the video. Purchase them all at dryflymedia.com.  Great product, great idea.


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